Friday, April 07, 2006

India won 4th ODI against England at Kochi

India won 4th ODI against England at Kochi and grabbed the ODI series. Its India's 15th straight win while chasing a target and England's 9th loss in last 11 ODIs.

However England were playing without 6 prominent players. So I wonder whether India were really good or England were a poor side. Kaif and Sehvag did not click and that is big worry for India. Despite his poor form , Sehvag will be leading the Indian side for next couple of ODIs! Why ? I fail to understand.

Yuvi got his second bike in a week as his second man of the match title. I am imagining Yuvi riding both the bikes simultaneously like Ajay Devgan in 'Phool aur Kante' :o). Are they paying for the fuel as well?

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