Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One day trip to Nasik

Had to rush to Nasik due to two reasons. Firstly parents wanted to come to Pune and needed a driver to drive our Santro to Pune. Father drives it but not this far (200+ kms) and we did not want any other driver to drive it :o) and secondly, my father-in-law was incidentally hospitalized due to sudden weakness and high blood sugar.

So we (yes we all three traveled for this one day journey. Sonali wanted to see her father..) took 7 pm asiad bus to Nasik. Tanvee slept for most of the journey.

Next day we went to see Sonali's father at the hospital and while there, I tried to make a call to one mf my friends at Nasik and realized that my outgoing and incoming calls have been put on hold (discontinued in plain English). Reason being their system was showing that I had not paid the bill !

Now that was interesting because I had dropped the check 6 working days before the due date. (The cheque was drawn on SBI and they were on strike from April 3rd. So effectively I had dropped the cheque 4 working days in advance!) and it takes a single working day for clearing local cheques at Pune.

The customer care executives (all of them) (I had called using a paid phone booth and using another service provider :o)) kept telling me "Sir our system does not show that you have paid the bill" . So I tried to explain them that "system" on its own is a dumb thing and does not do anything unless humans do something like entering bill payment details.

The service was discontinued at most un-appropriate time and I was frustrated.

So after seeing my father-in-law we started back to Pune around 4:15 pm. Took a chai-pani halt at Daulat dhaba. The place is really good as compared to other dhaba's on the road. Father drived for some 20 kilometers or so.

Finally reached Pune at 9 pm.

Need to talk to the cellular service provider first thing in the morning!

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