Monday, June 12, 2006

Diverticulosis and Ayurveda

My father developed diverticulosis and had to be admitted to hospital due to bleeding from the rectum.

Allopathy suggests treatment such as antibiotics and surgery but due to his age and earlier open heart surgery we decided not to go for the surgery.

Then we came across Dr. Atulchandra Thombre , MD (Ayurved) who had earlier treated similar case with success. We approached him and he started treatment on my father. Within a week the bleeding stopped.

Of course we needed allopathic support to keep blood pressure and pulse stable (blood transfusion, IV solutions etc) but the doctor's treatment helped stopping the bleeding.

He carefully collected history of my father's eating habits, his nature, his daily routine to find root cause of the problem and then suggested a treatment. Cause was my father's liking to spicy food, drinking excessive tea etc. This was very different from what Allopathy does and established our faith in the treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashutosh,

I need to get in touch with Vd. Atulchandra Thombre.

I have been treated by him successfully before (almost 12 years ago) and I need to contact him urgently regarding another matter.

Could you please give his contact nos or address to me?

Thanks and Regards,

Ashutosh said...

Dr. Thombre's contact numbers:
Clinic: (020)24531492
Cell: +919850831771