Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life on Rails

You need the following to get started:

1. InstantRails
2. A Database - I preferred DB2 Express C. You need to download the starter toolkit for DB2 on Rails . The toolkit comes with ROR framework, DB2 Express C and DB2 adapter for Rails. (I use InstantRails for WEBrick server only)
3. RoR IDE- I prefer RadRails
4. A copy of Pragmatic programmers guide (link to which can be found on technical section of this blog)

That's it. You are ready to roll on Rails.

Having spent most of my professional life on thick client applications, Rails was a welcome and much needed change.

I am rather uncomfortable though with one thing - no WYSIWYG editor to design the web pages. One has to use some other decent tool to design web pages and then copy the code into Rails projects.

Otherwise I am enjoying this new change in life.

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