Friday, September 01, 2006

Ganesh Festival

It is Ganesh/Ganapati festival season and Pune is the main attraction for it all over India. The festival lasts for 10 days and the grand closing is in the form of a magnificent immersion rally that lasts well over 24 hours! People flock from all over the places to see the decorations of various pandals put up in almost every square, societies and roads around Pune.

Ganesh the God of intelligence, art, and also war has a special place among Indians and is worshipped first before embarking on any new project/activity/construction or even any pooja. Indians are known to worship many gods. In different parts of the countrly people worship different gods. In fact, every small village has a parent god of its own! However, Ganesh is popular in all parts of the country and you will find atleast one temple of Ganesh in every village. In fact, Ganesh idols are there in Combodia and Srilanka as well.

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