Sunday, October 07, 2012

People are open to Ruby on Rails for their next projects

Off late I had met three prospects who wanted to launch their next projects very soon. After few discussions with them, I proposed Ruby on Rails based solutions to them.
  1. Two of the three have not heard of Ruby on Rails earlier !
  2. The two who did not have idea about RoR, were non-ISV customers
  3. The one who knew what RoR is was pretty much sold to RoR and had almost decided on RoR
  4. The two unaware prospects were excited to know what RoR is and are ready to go back to their think tank and put a solid case for RoR based solution
  5. The two unaware prospects, though had not heard about RoR, were keen on a open source technology based solution
Earlier, I had experiences of people not even wanting to recommend or talk about RoR based solution. Now a days I am seeing welcome change of people being open to new (?)  technology like RoR (provided of course we are able to justify appropriateness of the technology to solve their problem).
Recent hot Indian job market for RoR has really helped me convince my prospects  that there will be RoR developers available to them two/three years down the line for maintenance/sustenance.

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